We apply data to improve your business processes.

We specialise in data analysis, delivery and integration. We have the most detailed and comprehensive set of commercial spatial information in Poland.

Data Science

We provide segmentation, model building and advice on internal data architecture.

We believe that effectiveness and understanding need not be mutually exclusive. We strive to ensure that the knowledge gained is reflected in tools and processes, rather than going on the shelf.

LocIt Datasets

address points, location analysis, catchment analytics

We collect knowledge about more than 8.5 million address points. Buildings, residents, working people, traffic, businesses, commercial surroundings - we collect all this information, integrate it and make it available to our customers in the form of databases and services.

LocIt Data API

geocoding, address standardisation, deduplication

We create a set of interactive services to improve the quality, validation and enrichment of customer data.

We offer a global geocoder, address standardisation tools and services to enrich data about companies and the surroundings of retail outlets.

LocIt On-Line

location analytics, sales network expansion

LocIt On-Line (www.locit.pl) is the first service in Poland that enables everyone to perform a comprehensive analysis of the potential of any location based on the largest set of micro-data in Poland

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